Why Mens 70s Fashion Should Not Come Back?

The 1970s was a decade known for its disco music, its outrageous fashion, and its overall carefree attitude. While the disco era may be over, mens 70s fashion is making a comeback. Here’s why it should stay in the past.

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The return of the ’70s-style man

With the recent resurgence in popularity of all things ’70s, it’s no surprise that fashion from the decade is making a comeback. However, there are some aspects of ’70s style that should be left in the past. Here are four reasons why men’s ’70s fashion should not make a comeback.

1. Polyester leisure suits. There’s nothing worse than a man in a polyester leisure suit. The fabric is cheap and tacky, and the cut of the suit does nothing for the male form. If you want to look like a clown, go ahead and rock a leisure suit; otherwise, leave this fashion disaster in the past.

2. Bell bottom pants. Another ’70s silhouette that should be avoided is the bell bottom pant. This style of pant is unflattering on nearly every body type, and it makes men look like they’re trying too hard to be hip. Stick to straight-leg or slim-fit pants if you want to stay stylish in today’s world.

3. Platform shoes. Sure, platform shoes might be comfortable, but they’re also incredibly awkward-looking. No man should ever be caught dead in a pair of platform shoes, no matter how popular they might be at the moment. Trust us – your feet will thank you for avoiding this dated style trend.

4.’70s-style hair. One of the most prevalent trends from the ’70s was long hair on men, often styled into feathered locks or curled into afros. While longer hair on men has made a bit of a comeback in recent years, there’s no need to take it too far and rock an afro or feathered hairdo à la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Keep your hair neatly trimmed and styled if you want to avoid looking like you’re stuck in a time warp.

The ’70s man-child

Menswear in the 1970s was defined by two distinct looks: the disco player and the hippie. The disco player was characterized by wide lapels, color-coordinated leisure suits, and an excess of sequins and/or velvet. The hippie look was defined by jeans, t-shirts, and denim jackets. Both looks were extremely overdone and often cringe-worthy.

The ’70s man-child look is unappealing for several reasons. First, it is often associated with poor personal hygiene. Second, it communicates a lack of maturity and responsibility. Finally, it can make the wearer appear out of touch with current trends.

While the ’70s man-child look may be undesirable, there are certain aspects of ’70s fashion that can be flattering on today’s man. For example, wide lapels can make a man’s shoulders appear broader, and a well-fitted leisure suit can accentuate a man’s physique. Additionally, the colors and patterns associated with ’70s fashion can add visual interest to an outfit. However, these elements should be used sparingly in order to avoid looking dated or costume-y.

The ’70s man’s wardrobe

The ’70s man’s wardrobe was pretty groovy. It was all about being free, about having fun, and about being stylish. Unfortunately, many of the fashions from that era are best left in the past. Here are five reasons why mens 70s fashion should not come back:

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1. Polyester leisure suits. Let’s face it, polyester is just not a good fabric. It’s uncomfortable, it wrinkles easily, and it doesn’t breathe well. Plus, those leisure suits just look tacky now.

2. Bell bottom pants. Again, these were extremely popular in the ’70s, but they’re just not flattering on most men today. They make your legs look shorter and your hips look wider. Definitely not a good look.

3. Platform shoes. These were another ’70s trend that just needs to stay in the past. They’re difficult to walk in and they make you look like you’re trying too hard to be fashionable. Plus, they’re just plain ugly.

4. Oversized sunglasses. Yes, everyone looked cool in oversized sunglasses in the ’70s (think John Lennon), but now they just look juvenile and silly. If you want to wear sunglasses, go for a more subdued style that actually flatters your face instead of overwhelming it.

5. Body hair (or lack thereof). In the ’70s, it was all about showing off as much body hair as possible (think Burt Reynolds). Nowadays, most men prefer to keep things trimmed and tidy (and let’s be honest, body hair is just kind of gross). So if you want to be stylish, skip the chest hair and go for a more refined look

The ’70s man’s hairstyle

The ’70s man’s hairstyle was all about giving the middle finger to authority. Whether you were a hippie, a mod, or a punk, your hair was a way of expressing your non-conformist attitude. But that rebellious spirit doesn’t age well. In fact, it can make you look like you’re trying too hard to recapture your youth.

There are plenty of other ’70s fashion trends that we’re happy to leave in the past, but the ’70s man’s hairstyle is one that we can all agree should never make a comeback.

The ’70s man’s facial hair

The ’70s was a hairy decade for men. It was the age of big mustaches, bushy sideburns, and thick beards. This facial hair was often paired with long hair, making for a very hairy look. While some men can pull off this look, it is not for everyone. In fact, it can look quite ridiculous.

There are many reasons why the ’70s man’s facial hair should not make a comeback. First, it is simply not flattering for most people. Second, it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain such a hairy look. Third, it can be quite uncomfortable in hot weather. Finally, it is not particularly stylish or fashionable.

If you are thinking about growing a mustache or beard, you would be better off sticking to a more subdued style. While the ’70s man’s facial hair may have been popular once upon a time, it is best left in the past.

The ’70s man’s accessories

While the 1970s may be remembered as a time of free love and disco balls, it was also a time of some incredibly questionable fashion choices for men. From platform shoes to polyester leisure suits, the70s was not a decade known for its fashion sense. However, there are some aspects of 70s fashion that have managed to make a comeback in recent years, including bell bottom jeans and floral shirts. But there are other aspects of 70s fashion that should be left in the past, such as these four accessories:

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1. The Nehru Jacket
Named after India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, this jacket was popularized in the West by The Beatles in the late 1960s. It became a mainstay of 1970s fashion, worn by everyone from David Bowie to Steve McQueen. The Nehru jacket is characterized by its stand-up collar, buttoned placket, and fitted silhouette. While it might look dapper on a period drama character, in real life it just looks dated.

2. Platform Shoes
Platform shoes were all the rage in both men’s and women’s fashion in the 1970s. Men’s platform shoes often had thick soles and were made from materials like suede or patent leather. They were often worn with psychedelic patterned trousers or bell bottom jeans. While platform shoes have made a bit of a comeback in women’s fashion in recent years, they definitely should not be worn by men in the 21st century.

3. The Beret
Berets were once considered to be a stylish accessory for both men and women. But thanks to their association with artists and intellectuals, they became something of a clichéd accessory in the 1970s. Berets are often associated with bohemian or hippie style, neither of which are particularly fashionable nowadays. So unless you’re trying to dress like a character in a French New Wave film, it’s best to leave the beret at home.

4. The Powder Blue Tuxedo
Powder blue was a popular color for menswear in the 1970s, particularly for formalwear such as tuxedos. While a powder blue tuxedo might have been considered dashing forty years ago, nowadays it just looks tacky. If you’re looking for a unique color for your tuxedo, opt for something dark and classic like navy blue or charcoal grey instead of powder blue.

The ’70s man’s attitude

The ’70s was a time of change for men’s fashion, with a new found freedom to experiment with style and dress. However, the ’70s also saw the rise of a new attitude towards masculinity, one that was more macho and aggressive. This attitude is reflected in the fashion of the time, which was often bulky and uncomfortable. Today, we live in a more liberated age, where men are free to express themselves through their fashion choices. While some ’70s styles may be making a comeback, the overall attitude of the ’70s man is one that we should leave in the past.

The ’70s man’s lifestyle

The ’70s was a decade known for its carefree and rebellious attitude, which was reflected in the fashion of the time. Menswear became more relaxed, with a focus on comfort and personal expression. This was partly due to the rise of the hippie movement, which promoted peace and love over materialism.

However, there are many aspects of ’70s fashion that should not be revived. For one, the period was notorious for its sexism. Men’s clothing was designed to show off their bodies, while women’s clothing was still very restrictive. There were also few options for plus-size or LGBTQ+ people.

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In addition, the ’70s was a time of great environmental destruction. Synthetic materials were commonly used in clothing, which had a negative impact on the planet. These materials are not biodegradable and can take centuries to break down.

While the ’70s may have been a fun decade, its fashion should be left in the past. There are many better options available today that are more sustainable and inclusive.

The ’70s man’s love life

Some of the most iconic menswear trends from the 1970s are making a comeback today. But there are a few things from that era that we’re happy to leave in the past. Here’s a look at why mens 70s fashion should not make a comeback.

One of the biggest problems with 70s fashion was that it was just too darn comfortable. Menswear was all about leisure suits, polyester shirts, and bell bottom pants. This made it great for lounging around the house or going to a leisurely brunch, but not so great for work or formal occasions.

Another issue with 70s fashion was that it tended to be a bit too flashy. Many of the trends from that era, such as disco shirts and platform shoes, were more about making a statement than anything else. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand out from the crowd, sometimes less is more.

And then there’s the issue of 1970s fashion being awfully dated. Today’s men want clothes that are modern and stylish, not something that looks like it belongs in a time capsule. Unfortunately, many of the trends from that era just look dated today. So if you’re looking for clothes that are fashionable and flattering, you’re better off sticking with something more contemporary.

The ’70s man’s legacy

Mens 70s fashion was a time when everything was wide, from bell bottoms to button-down shirts. And while some of the trendier items from the decade, like platform shoes and disco shirts, have made a comeback in recent years, there are plenty of ’70s fashion trends that are best left in the past. Here are five reasons why mens 70s fashion should not come back.

1) Polyester leisure suits. Nothing says “I give up” like a polyester leisure suit. This was the go-to outfit for dad’s who wanted to show that they were “hip” but in reality just looked like they were trying too hard.

2) Bell bottom pants. While bell bottom pants can be flattering on women, they do nothing for men. In fact, they make men look like they’re wearing diapers.

3) Nehru jackets. The Nehru jacket was another attempt by men to look “mod” but in reality, it just made them look like they were trying too hard. Plus, it’s not a very flattering style for most body types.

4) Platform shoes. Platform shoes were all the rage in the ’70s but there’s a reason they haven’t made a comeback – they’re just plain ugly. Not to mention that they’re also quite uncomfortable to walk in.

5) Flesh-colored pantyhose. This was another ’70s trend that was meant to make men look more “feminine” but in reality just made them look ridiculous. Thankfully, this trend died out quickly and has never been seen since.

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