What Was Fashion in The 1720s?

We take a look at what people were wearing in the 1720s, from the aristocrats to the everyday people.

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Fashion in the 1720s is often referred to as the “roaring twenties” because of the trends that emerged during this decade. This was a time when people were breaking away from traditional fashion and experimenting with new styles. This decade is also known for its flappers, which were women who defied convention by wearing short skirts, bobbing their hair, and wearing make-up.

The 1720s in Europe

The 1720s in Europe was a time of change and new fashion for both men and women. The silhouette became slimmer and more elegant. For men, this meant tight fitting breeches and coats with wide shoulders. For women, dresses became narrower and more fitted to the body. The skirts were supported by stiff petticoats called paniers.

The 1720s in America

In the 1720s, fashion in America was similar to fashion in Europe. Women wore dresses with lace collars and cuffs. Men wore breeches, waistcoats, and stockings.

The 1720s in Asia

During the 1720s, fashion in Asia was greatly influenced by the Chinese. Widespread famine had caused many people to lose weight, and this change in body size led to new styles of clothing. The Chinese style of clothing became very popular, and it was not long before other Asian countries began to adopt it.

The 1720s in Africa

The 1720s was a decade that saw many changes in fashion. In Europe, the silhouette of men’s clothing shifted from the long, ‘full-skirted’ look of the early part of the century, to a shorter, tighter style by the end of the 1720s. Women’s fashion also changed dramatically during this time period. The big trends in women’s fashion during the 1720s included more revealing necklines, lower waists, and fuller skirts.

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In Africa, the 1720s was a time of change and new beginnings. The continent was starting to be explored by Europeans and there was a growing interest in African culture. This is reflected in the fashion of the time, which began to incorporate African influences. One of the most popular items of clothing in Africa during this period was the kaftan. This loose fitting garment was very comfortable in the hot African climate and could be decorated with bright colors and patterns. Other popular items of clothing included headwraps and flowing robes.

The 1720s in South America

The 1720s in fashion history saw a slow transition from the simpleness of the early 18th century toward a more ornate and elaborate style. In South America, fashions were affected by the Spanish Colonial period. During this time Comedia del Arte troupes toured throughout the continent bringing Italian Renaissance influences with them. This is evident in paintings such as “La muerte de Pompeya” by Argentinean artist 433 Martinez Mendez.

Both men and women’s fashion changed very little from the previous decade. men continued to wear close-fitting knee-length breeches, stockings, waistcoats, shirts with frilled cuffs and jabots, linen or lace neck stocks, periwigs, shoes with square or round buckles and hats. Women’s clothing consisted of a chemise or shift dress, stays (a type of corset), petticoats, skirts, cloaks and shawls.

The 1720s in Australia

The 1720s was a time of great fashion in Australia. The most popular styles were for men and women were the colonial or country style, which consisted of loose fitting clothes made from natural materials like linen or wool. Women also began to wear more comfortable, lower-cut dresses that allowed them to move more freely. This led to the development of the first known form of Australian fashion – the slip.

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The 1720s in Antarctica

In the early 1700s, fashion in Europe was characterized by a widening of the silhouette, with increasing emphasis on a naturalistic approach. This meant that there was more of an emphasis on the body beneath the clothes, and less padding and decoration. The look was often completed with tall wigs with curled sides. In the 1720s, this trend continued, but there was also a move towards more luxurious fabrics and brighter colors. Silks and velvets became increasingly popular, as did gold and silver embroidery.

In Antarctica, the 1720s were a time of great exploration. Many expeditions were undertaken in an attempt to find the fabled southern continent. Among the most famous explorers of this period were James Cook and Edward Bransfield.

The 1720s in the Space

Fashion in the 1720s is often referred to as “the Roaring Twenties.” This was a time when people were exploring new styles and design. The fashion of the 1720s was a departure from the previous decades, which were much more conservative.

In the 1720s, fashion was all about being bold and daring. Women’s clothing became more revealing, with tighter fitting bodices and shorter skirts. Men’s clothing also became more form-fitting. Colors were much brighter than they had been in previous years.

Accessories also became more important in the 1720s. Women began wearing more jewelry, and men began wearing more hats.

The 1720s was a time of great change in fashion. It was a time when people were willing to experiment with new styles and silhouettes.

The 1720s in the Future

It is difficult to say what fashion in the 1720s will be like. We can only make predictions based on what is popular now and what has been popular in the past. The one thing we can be sure of is that fashion will continue to change and evolve over time.

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