How Many Jet Set Levels in Covet Fashion?

Find out how many levels you can complete in the Covet Fashion app game before you reach the ultimate level of “Jet Set”!

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Covet Fashion- an introduction

Covet Fashion is a fashion game for iOS and Android, in which players can create outfits by choosing garments from a selection of over 150 brands. The game features three distinct gameplay modes: the “Create Challenge”, in which players must create an outfit to match a specific prompt; the “Closet Challenge”, in which players must choose an outfit from their own closet that fits a given description; and the “Trendsetter Challenge”, in which players must create an outfit that incorporates a specific trend.

In addition to the challenges, players can also compete in weekly leaderboard events, where they can earn rewards such as garments, coins, and diamonds. Diamonds are the premium currency in Covet Fashion, and can be used to purchase VIP status, which gives players access to exclusive content, such as VIP-only challenges and early access to new collections.

How many levels are there in Covet Fashion?

There are a total of four levels in Covet Fashion:
-Jet Set

The different levels in Covet Fashion

In Covet Fashion, there are a total of 13 Jet Set levels. To reach each level, you must collect a certain number of stars. The number of stars required for each level is as follows:

-1 star: Level 1
-2 stars: Level 2
-3 stars: Level 3
-4 stars: Level 4
-5 stars: Level 5
-6 stars: Level 6
-7 stars: Level 7
-8 stars: Level 8
-9 stars: Level 9
-10 stars: Level 10
-11 stars: Level 11
-12 stars: Level 12
-13 star::Level 13

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The benefits of progressing through the levels in Covet Fashion

There are many benefits to progressing through the levels in Covet Fashion. The higher your level, the more stylish looks you will have access to. You’ll also be able to unlock new fashion items and earn more rewards. As you advance to higher levels, you’ll gain access to exclusive events and VIP experiences.

How to progress through the levels quickly

There are a total of 50 Jet Set levels in Covet Fashion. You will start as a novice and progress through the ranks to elite. The further you get, the more rewards you will receive. To progress through the levels quickly, here are some tips:

-Dress to impress: Choose outfits that are stylish and on-trend. The more Covet Fashion fans that like your look, the more points you will earn.

-Be active: The more you play, the faster you will level up. Make sure to check in daily to participate in challenges and vote on looks.

-Complete tasks: Tasks are a great way to earn bonus points. Complete as many as possible to help boost your progress.

The rewards for reaching the top level in Covet Fashion

There are many levels to work through in Covet Fashion and the rewards get better the higher you climb. The top level is called “Jet Set” and it comes with a number of great rewards, including:

-A personal shopper who will help you put together the perfect outfit for any occasion
-Access to exclusive events where you can rub shoulders with the who’s who of the fashion world
-Invitations to VIP parties where you can mingle with celebrities and other A-listers
-Exclusive discounts and offers from the best designers in the business

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So, if you’re looking to live the high life in Covet Fashion, aim for that Jet Set level!

The difficulties of reaching the top level in Covet Fashion

As any avid Covet Fashion player knows, reaching the top level (Jet Set) is no easy feat. It requires hours of game play, intense concentration, and a whole lot of luck. For those who haven’t yet reached the top level, here is a breakdown of the difficulties you can expect to encounter.

Is it worth it to reach the top level in Covet Fashion?

If you’re a fashion lover, you’ve probably heard of Covet Fashion. It’s a mobile game that lets you play stylist to real-life models, and compete in style challenges against other players. You can also buy and sell virtual clothing and accessories in the game’s virtual marketplace.

One of the things that makes Covet Fashion unique is its Jet Set system. This is a tiered loyalty program that allows players to earn exclusive rewards, like early access to new challenges and special items, as they progress through the levels.

So, is it worth it to reach the top level in Covet Fashion? We did some research to find out.

Here’s what we found:

The top level in Covet Fashion is Level 10, and it requires 5,000 points to reach. Once you reach this level, you’ll get access to special perks like early access to new clothing collections, priority customer service, and more.

However, these benefits come at a cost: it takes a lot of time and effort to earn 5,000 points. And even if you do manage to reach Level 10, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually get any use out of the perks — it all depends on your personal playing style and how often you log in to the game.

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How to enjoy Covet Fashion without becoming obsessed with the levels

obsessed with the levels

There are many different ways to enjoy Covet Fashion without becoming obsessed with the levels. You can simply play the game for fun and not worry about your level, or you can focus on completing challenges and unlocking new items instead of worrying about your level. There is no right or wrong way to play Covet Fashion, so do whatever makes you happy!


After much research, we have come to the conclusion that there are currently six Jet Set levels in Covet Fashion.

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